The Role of Federal Government in Education - Part II

I need your help again!

In a recent post, I wondered what the role of the federal government in education should be. You can see my preliminary thoughts here.

Well I got interested in this topic and now I've agreed to present at a workshop on it. I need some input. So what do you think?

Should the local school board set all education policy? Would there even be special ed if they controlled all policy? How about federal school nutrition policies? Health policies like immunization and health screening? Compulsory attendance?

The big kahuna of disagreement in this area is probably the No Child Left Behind Act. To say that we have not yet come to a consensus in this area is an understatement.

The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act may be a vehicle for a much bigger role for the U. S. government in the field of education. How would you advise the Secretary of Education concerning this issue? I look forward to hearing from you.