Tech Update; Hearing Officers; Polls; Etc

I am trying to integrate technology into this blog in a number of ways. The Facebook Special Ed Law Group is now 178 members strong. It is an interesting group of people. Much like this blog, its members include parents, teachers, lawyers for both sides, state and local administrators, advocates, hearing officers, mediators, professors of law special education and related disciplines; and members of advocacy groups. The discussion groups are fascinating. And the resources that members share with each other are very useful. Check it out here.

You can also follow my twitter mini-posts on the left hand side of the blog. I'm still having some difficulty trimming my thoughts to the soundbite-style 140 characters allowed.

For those of you who use BlogCatalog, there is a new special education law group there. And those who like Ning should check out the new special education law group at this link.

Also on the left hand side of the blog, please vote in our ongoing poll. The current question is how would you vote on the case before the U. S. Supreme Court. At last check For the parents was leading For the school district 5 to 3, with 2 voters pulling a Justice Kennedy, as we say in the trade and recusing themselves. Please make your opinion known.

The most recent post on hearing office pay is having a bigger reaction than I thought it would. As I said in that post, I admit my biases on this topic, but I can't see how the system can work without well paid hearing officers. Please continue to give me your thoughts.