Facebook Group at 200

The new Facebook special education law group now has 200 members. I am amazed at how rapidly the group has grown. It is an interesting place where all kinds of people who are interested in special education law meet and discuss topics of common interest. It is a good mix of stakeholders, parents, lawyers, teachers, related service providers, students of special education, school district officials, advocacy group representatives, students of law, state staff, professors of law and education, consultants and advocates, and others who care about children with disabilities. Oh yeah, and some mediators and hearing officers like me. Please join us if you are interested in this ever-changing and fascinating field of law. You can visit the group here.

The number of subscribers to this blog is also growing rapidly. Thanks you and please keep subscribing. There is power in numbers in the blogosphere, and I appreciate your support.

The other special education law groups are also growing quickly. The brand new Ning group already has ten members. The Twitter group and the BlogCatalog group are also getting known. If you utilize these tools, please join us there as well. When it comes to these tools, I'm still learning. But I hope I never stop learning!

The poll on the left hand side of the blog continues to receive votes. The question is: how would you vote on the case now before the Supreme Court. For the parents has jumped out to a lead. Who are these folks who are recusing themselves? Remember to vote.