McMechen: Speed Trap!

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OK so here in West Virginia, we are having a natural gas rush created by the Legislature's recent approval of the removal of natural resources from the Marcellus Shale deposit. As a result of this new gas rush, I could not find a motel in Moundsville for a recent hearing. Accordingly, I had to stay in Wheeling, to the North.

Therein lies the problem, squarely in between lies McMechen.  I had to pass McMechen twice each day of the three day hearing.  You would think that the story would more likely involve the venue of the hearing, the former state prison in Moundsville, a place so bad that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled was cruel and unusual punishment.

Yet McMechen stole the headlines.I thought the speed limit was 65 mph along the highway known as Route 2.  This seemed especially so in view of the many cars whizzing past me as I traveled along at a safe 55 mph.So it was to my great surprise when I was stopped by a very, very young police officer and issued a citation for traveling at 55 mph in a 50 mph zone.

So a warning to the traveler, if you must drive through the Northern panhandle of West Virginia, go slowly trough the speed trap also known as McMechen!

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