Accommodations on Standardized Tests: GAO Study Finds No Strategic Enforcement by DOJ

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I'll admit that I may have a bias against standardized tests, I don't like them much.I prefer essay tests where one can expound a bit.

In any event, standardized tests are used and are generally required for admission to college and to professional schools.  Most of us have taken them.

When students with disabilities take these standardized tests, they may be entitled to accommodations while taking the test.  This includes both IEP requirements as well as ADA requirements. 

A recent study by the federal watchdog, the Government Accountability Office, found that The Department of Justice lacks a strategic method of enforcement for its regulations concerning testing accommodations.  Merely investigating individual complaints is not sufficient the study concludes.

If you deal with standardized testing, you should review this study.  You can read the entire GAO study here.  You can review a fact sheet here. A general statement by GAO about this study can be found here.
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