OSERS Secretary Posny Supports Positive Behavior Supports in IDEA Reauthorization

I am at a conference on special education legal issues. The new Assistant Secretary of Education for OSERS is here and she spent time answering questions of conference participants. Alexa Posny is pretty cool, and she is very open and transparent.

Regular readers will recall that Secretary Posny had previously generously permitted an exclusive interview to me for this blog. Many of our readers have enjoyed those interview posts.

Today, I asked Dr. Posny whether, given the current controversy regarding the abuse of seclusion and restraints, we should look at beefing up the behavior sections of IDEA as a result. Dr. Posny said that we should look at adding Positive Behavior Supports to the IEP development sections. She said that this would help kids with behavior issues.

Dr. Posny also pointed out the new legislation. She noted that the new law will protect both special ed and general ed students from seclusion and restraints.

NOTE: this entire post was done from my phone. The new technologies are pretty cool.

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