Jim Gerl's 2010 Rockin' the Joint Tour

Ogden, Utah, in 1874.Image via Wikipedia

Last summer I had some fun on these pages describing what I called my IDEA Remedies Tour. I was doing presentations on the two major special education law remedies: Reimbursement for Unilateral Placements (at the annual ed Law Conference in Portland, Maine) and on Compensatory Education (at the U of Seattle HO Academy.)

Not being able to resist, I am again announcing my 2010 summer tour. If you read this blog and you will be in any of these places while I am there, please let me know or come by and say hello. I always enjoy meeting readers of the blog. These are only the conferences that are open to the public although in some instances, my presentation may not be open to the public. Please check the registration sites for more specifics.

The theme of this summer's presentations is a little less obvious. If anybody has a better idea, please post a comment. For now I am hoping that Aerosmith will not be upset that I am calling it my "2010 Rockin' the Joint Tour." (INSERT appropriate music here.)

I have made a semi-permanent gadget on the left-hand side of the blog which states where I will be and includes registration links where available. PLEASE NOTE: none of the state departments of education or other agencies or sponsors of these conferences in any way endorse this blog. My comments, here and elsewhere, are my own and should not be taken to represent the views of the sponsoring organizations or any other entity. (That was what we call a disclaimer; there is a purpose for lawyers.)

From July 27 - 29, 2010, I will be at the Wyoming Special Education Leadership Symposium in Lander, Wyoming. I will be part of a panel discussing least restrictive environment issues; I will give a paired presentation with the highly regarded Julie Weatherly ( a big honor for me) on educational benefit and I will be doing a solo session discussing dispute resolution options.

I will attend the Utah Institute on Special Education Law on August 2 - 3, 2010 at the Eccles Center in Ogden, Utah, and I will do a (non-public) hearing officer/mediator training the next day.

From August 30 - September 1, 2010, I will be at the Arizona Special Education Directors Institute in Litchfield Park, Arizona. I will do repeat presentations on the role of the non-attorney advocate in IEP team meetings and due process hearings.

I will for the sixth straight year be a part of the faculty at the National Association of Hearing Officials Annual Conference from September 26 - 29, 2010 in Music City, Nashville Tennessee. I will be presenting on the prehearing process and on ruling on objections.

So there it is, please stop and say hello if you will be nearby. Again the name challenge- if you have a better name for my tour than Rockin' the Joint, please leave a comment.