Lead Poisoning & Special Ed - Revisited

Contains LeadImage by The Rocketeer via Flickr

I recently ran a post about the outrageously high level of lead poisoning in the children in the Detroit public school system. I'm still alarmed. How are we pumping these kids so full of lead.

A couple of astute readers brought up the connection that lead poisoning is at least one cause of autism or autism symptoms in young children. The connection with special education law becomes somewhat clearer.

Here , for example, is a study published in 2005 that further develops the link between lead poisoning and autism. The results are frightening.

Anybody interested in waging a campaign to detoxify our kids? This is apparently a very serious issue. What are the levels of lead poisoning in the children in your community? Do you know?

I also wonder if the poverty issue is separate from or a part of this issue. Do poor kids eat and breathe more lead?

This is 2010. Can't we find a way to keep lead away from our kids? What are your thoughts?

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