Panel on Seclusion and Restraints at CEC Conference

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The CEC annual conference at the amazing National Harbor continues.  An excellent panel on the hot button issue of seclusion and restraints discussed the hot button issue.

We have frequently discussed seclusion and restraints here at the special education law blog.  It continues to be the most controversial topic in special education law.  In the last few years the topic has been is the news. After a series of exposes revealing the heart stopping sad stories of kids with disabilities who died as a result of these techniques.  The outcry was strong.

Congress held hearings.  A bill was introduced and passed the House of Representatives.  It is, however, stuck in the Senate.  The panel revealed that the sticking point in the Senate involves whether there should be a prohibition on allowing IEPs to prohibit seclusion and restraints.  Some parent groups want the prohibition.  The school districts seem to oppose it,  The stalemate is holding up the legislation.  When asked about compromise, none of the panelists had any ideas.
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