Seclusion and Restraints Study Released by Department of Education

United States Department of EducationImage by Christopher S. Penn via Flickr

The United States Department of Education has released a study detailing the policies and laws of the individual states concerning the use of seclusion and restraints. You may read the entire study here. A summary of the report may be reviewed here.

More information about the history of the current hot button issue in special education law, including the shocking GAO report and the subsequent congressional hearings and the pending legislation on seclusion and restraints may be found on the Department's seclusion and restraints page.

The results vary dramatically by state, but many states have no laws regulating seclusion and restraints, while others have very little in terms of policy guidance. Here is an analysis by the disability scoop blog.

Be sure to review the information for your state. This controversy will not go away soon, and I don't think that it should.