Who Votes for This Clown? Virginia Legislator Refers to Kids with Disabilities as a Curse.

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One has to wonder about our electoral system. Exactly how does a person get elected to public office? I have read a lot recently about the Supreme Court's extreme judicial activism in relation to its shredding of the campaign finance laws. Is the result that our elected representatives are now truly the finest that money can buy?

My current discontent with all things elected is attributable to a Virginia state legislator, Delegate Robert G. Marshall (R. Prince William). He recently made a speech against Planned Parenthood and during his address he said that subsequent children born to women who have abortions are more likely to be "handicapped" because of vengeance and punishment from God. Here is the Washington Post story.

The logic here is stunning. This guy apparently believes that kids with disabilities are a curse. Has he ever met a kid with a disability? How could he possibly think this? I'm not so interested in the gotcha moment as I am in the underlying, and truly dark, belief about people with disabilities that this argument reveals. This was not a casual misuse of the "R" word, it was an insight into a way of thinking about people with disabilities that I thought that we as a society had outgrown. I'm shocked.

The people who write the special education laws on the state level are, unfortunately, people like this guy? Am I right to be worried?