The Perils of The Internets: Boycott Canadian Internet Pharmacy?

Unite Here Local 2 calls for a boycott of the ...Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

OK here is the downside of the new technologies: the Ning special education law group, which I founded in conjunction with this blog, has been overtaken by some jerks who sell drugs. They have posted a gazillion ads on the social network's discussion boards promoting the Canadian Internet Pharmacy.

I don't know why they have targeted our little group. Really how many special education law junkies are jonseing for a fix? But this appears to be one of the dangers of allowing anyone to join these social groups. I'm not sure if it is possible to stop the abuse. I really want these groups to be open to all and to permit free expression and exchange of ideas. But I hate that the Ning group has become a billboard for unregulated pharmaceuticals.

I have suspended the nearly 1,000 new "members" for spamming up the website, but that hardly seems like enough. Would you be up for a boycott of the offending Canadian Internet Pharmacy? Is anybody with me?

Speaking of the perils of the internet, our subscribers recently received a rerun. For some reason, every subscriber received in the middle of March another copy of Part VIII of my interview with Alexa Posny that was posted in mid-January. I do not think that I sent it, but then I do sometimes push the wrong button. I am sorry about any inconvenience.