Follow-up (Corporal) Punishment: Are Children with Disabilities Disproportionatley Arrested at School?

Los Angeles Police DepartmentImage via Wikipedia

We recently ran a post on a study that shows that kids with disabilities are disproportionately singled out for corporal punishment. As a follow-up, another recent study claims that standards should be developed because research shows that children with disabilities are arrested at school by in-house police officers at a disproportionate rate. The study by the ACLU may be found here. A blog item discussing the study may be read here.

This makes me wonder what the heck is going on out there. The imagery of excessive physical punishment and of excessive criminalizing of children with disabilities is quite disturbing.

I think that most of us will likely agree that these days and in these times police officers presence in the school building is necessary. There have been too many outrageous tragedies to suggest otherwise. But maybe some standard training for school-based police concerning children with disabilities is a good idea. Have any of you had any experiences concerning this issue?