Are Children With Disabilities Singled Out for Corporal Punishment?

A recent study shows that children with disabilities are disproportionately the subject of corporal punishment. Most states no longer permit corporal punishment, but where it is permitted, kids with disabilities are all to frequently the recipients of the punishment. whether children should be spanked at all is probably beyond the scope of this blog.

The entire study may be read here.

When coupled with the recent revelations about the abuses concerning seclusion and restraints, particularly concerning children with disabilities, this new study is certainly a cause for concern.

The discipline provisions of IDEA only deal with a disciplinary change of placement. Could paddling of a child on an IEP ever be considered a change of placement? If yes, must there first be a manifestation determination? If not, should the law be amended given this new study? As usual I have more questions than answers. What do you think?