Facebook group now over 500

The Facebook special education law group now has more than 500 members. It is amazing how fast it has grown. It is a fun place to share resources and to discuss current issues. One can even make friends there. Check it out here. Congratulations to the group members. It was only July 11th, when we crossed the 400 member milestone. Talk about a hot ticket.

There is also a new Plaxo special education law group. For those who use the Plaxo service, it may be found here.This complements the special ed law groups on Ning (here), LinkedIn (here) and Twitter (here.) These social networking sites provide nice mechanisms for spreading the word or for arguing the policy underlying the law. See if you like them. There are also permanent links to these sites on the left-hand side of the blog.

facebook-linkedin-age2008Image by cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr

The number of subscribers to the blog is also growing quickly. Remember that there are three ways to get a free subscription. Email right to your inbox; through a reader or aggregator by RSS feed; and as a widget, or blidget, appearing right on your blog or website. The big numbers really help the credibility of a blog. Thank you subscribers.

Don't forget to vote on our current poll. The Question is given the economy, should cost or expense be a defense in special ed cases? Right now No with seven votes is beating both yes and maybe with two votes each. One slacker claims to be too poor to answer. Exercise your right to be heard: vote in the poll.

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