This Blog is Safe

This blog is safe.

Well, we had an interesting holiday weekend. An alert reader told me that the website had been listed by Mozilla Firefox as potentially a problem. I investigated, and I found that Google had flagged some outdated utility software I had placed on the website. Apparently, it contained some outdated code that the Google algorithm found suspicious. I removed the software, and submitted the matter to Google for review.

The Google technicians promptly reviewed the matter and by yesterday, the blog again received their seal of approval. I want to thank the Google tech support people. They will probably never see this post, but they were very patient with this digital immigrant and my various phobias. The blog is definitely safe, and meets all of their standards.

I am sorry if this caused any readers any inconvenience. I'm very proud of the wide variety of special education stakeholders who read this blog. Your intelligent and sometimes passionate comments and emails help me to think through my own positions on special education law and the policies underlying it. Please keep reading, subscribing, commenting and emailing!