Happy Birthday: 2 Years Old

Today is the second anniversary of the launching of this blog. Thanks to all of you who read the blog and utilize its resources. The number of people who have taken advantage of the free subscriptions is at an all time high. Our goal is to provide information and resources about special education law. This is also a good place for discussions about where the law can be improved and about the policy implications of various approaches to special education as they are required or encouraged by legal developments. Thanks for your participation.

From time to time, we get requests to discuss pending problems involving actual kids. As the disclaimer indicates, however, I am a mediator and hearing officer so I never give legal advice or discuss actual cases. I am a neutral and I need to keep it that way. It is proper, however, for people with questions to post a comment on the blog looking for thoughts from other readers. Our readers are pretty good about sharing resources and information. I appreciate the understanding of those who ask questions that I cannot answer because of my independence and impartiality requirements.

Special education law is new law, and much has happened in the last two years. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Happy birthday to you, and please keep reading!