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We have recently added a few embedded videos right there on the lefthand side of the blog.  These youtube videos are clips of me being interviewed by CADRE about various special education dispute resolution matters. I have been told that my physical appearance is better suited to radio, but tough! Let us know what you think of the clips.

The best way to ensure that you receive all of our posts is to take advantage of the free subscription to this blog.  They are available on the lefthand side of the blog and you can arrange your subscriptions so that you receive the posts by email directly to your inbox or so that they appear in an aggregator or reader, like netvibes or Google reader.  Those with blogs or websites can also get a blidget (blog widget) to insert directly into their website.  Please take a subscription because numbers matter in the blogosphere.  We are doing great, but enhanced credibility is always good.

By the way, I always enjoy meeting and talking to our readers.  I will be at public conferences in San Antonio and Omaha in the next few months, as well as other locations for trainings to which the public is not invited.  The registration link information is in the conference section on the lefthand side of the blog. Please stop me and say hello if you will be at these conferences.

One of the key functions of this blog is to share information with all types of special education stakeholders.   In pursuit of that quest, we have created a number of spin off special education law groups.  They are listed on the lefthand side of the blog under helpful links.  The Plaxo group never got off the ground and the Ning group is now defunct.  The Facebook group was very successful until Facebook went all corporate and decided that we were not sufficiently exchanging useless information and archived the group.  It still exists and has some useful discussions, but to become a member, even if you were a member, you have to ask me.
The most successful of these groups by far has been the LinkedIn Special Education Group.  It now has over 4,700 members and has many lively discussions.  We fixed a problem with spammers, and the group is functioning robustlynow.  Check out this interesting group here

There are also useful links to many other information sources on the lefthand side of the blog.  These include CADRE and the information clearinghouse, NICHCY, as well as the federal agency OSEP and idea.ed.gov where you can find the statute, IDEA, and the federal regs as well as other useful stuff.  There is also a dedicated search bar where you can find any previous blog post by tying in a word or two. 

That is the tech update for today, please tell us if you have any ideas or suggestions.  Thanks,
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