I Won't Back Down: The Blog Continues

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I recently ran a post about a blatant attack on this blog.  There are always those who are motivated by negativity and spite.

Those of you who know me are aware that I don't back down when I'm right.  This blog serves a useful purpose for many different types of special education stakeholders who read our posts.  We continue to be honored by your loyalty.  

The purpose of this blog is educational.  We seek to provide information about the fast developing field of special education law that any and all special education stakeholders might find useful.  We provide links to many types of resources.  Many parents, special and general ed teachers, special ed directors and administrators, lawyers for parents and school districts, related service providers, paraprofessionals, principals, adults with disabilities, advocates, professors, state and federal education staff, hearing officers, mediators, complaint investigators, monitors and other stakeholders have told me that they enjoy the blog and the impartial approach that it takes.

As the disclaimer on the lefthand side of the blog states.  We never give legal advice to either side in a special education dispute.  Because I am a hearing officer and mediator and state consultant, I always employ an impartial approach.  I never represent school districts or parents in a special education dispute.  The same philosophy is reflected in the posts on this blog.  I am not an advocate for either side; there are other people who fill that role well.  We never discuss ongoing cases or reveal any personally identifiable information about litigants.  These pages are for educational purposes only, and judging by your response, the purpose is being achieved.

As to the attack, I'm sorry if I scared you.  As I said before, I won't back down when I'm right.  The naysayers shall not prevail.Thanks again to all of you for reading these posts.
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