Arizona Current Stop On 2011 Jim Gerl Special Education Law Tour

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well I'm in toasty hot Phoenix for the current stop on the 2011 Jim Gerl Special Education Law Tour.  It is hot, but it is a dry heat, much like an oven! Predicted high tomorrow is 107 degrees!

The conference is going well.  Inspiration and Stevie Wonder friend Mike May spoke this morning.  He has graciously agreed to be interviewed for this blog.  He is an award winning skier and all around sports guy.  He is also blind.  He has also had successful stem cell eye surgery.  He does not seem to accept limitations.  He is also working on a GPS device that may increase mobility options for people with disabilities.  Interesting guy!

My sessions on the resolution were well received.  I love giving co-presentations with great co-presenters!  We had some fun with various scenarios, and some talented dispute resolution state staff as the "Very Much Ready For Prime Time Players."  We had some fun and gave a great presentation.
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