We're Famous (Almost) Again!

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For the second time that I am aware of, this blog has been quoted in a law review! We're taking street cred to a whole new level.

Volume 41 of the University of Toledo Law Review contains a note beginning at page 375 by Jeffrey A. Knight.  The article reviews the standards of reviewing when the failure to  implement an IEP constitutes a violation of IDEA. That is, how much of an IEP does a school district have to implement? You can read the article here.

The article quotes us about the hot button issue of IEP implementation.  It also quotes this blog for the proposition that special education law is new law.  Pretty cool, huh?

And get this - footnote number 2 quotes this blog.  Thanks you to Mr. Knight.  Blogs and websites have in many ways increased the ability of people to do research.  I'm glad that we are again part of the expansion of knowledge and debate.

I'll be signing autographs in the lobby at 6 pm!
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