Tech Update; Buzz From New Series

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 As we progress with  two new series, we are getting a lot of favorable reaction.  The answers to the You Be The Judge series are very interesting and remarkably different.  Once again the comparison between special education law and metaphysics raises its head.  Be sure to provide your answer if you'd like to take a turn as the judge.

The Procedural Safeguards update is also exciting some readers.  It is important to occasionally brush up on the law. This type of series reminds us of some key concepts.

Some of the You be the Judge buzz is on Facebook.  As many readers know, we have created a Facebook  Special Education Law Group which has over 860 members.  The discussion boards are always interesting.  In addition, some readers choose to receive these posts on Facebook by friending me.  I have no idea who can read what given the undecipherable rules, but the group is very interesting.  Please check it out.

Another few hundred people receive our tweets on Twitter to alert them that a post has been made.  You can follow us on Twitter here.  

There are also special education law groups that we have created on LinkedIn,  with over 215 members, and Plaxo, which has not ever caught fire.  A lot of people create discussions on those groups.

Most people ensure that they receive our posts by subscribing.  I strongly encourage you to subscribe.  Our big numbers help with our credibility.  You can get three different types of subscriptions: the most common is to subscribe by email and receive our posts directly to your inbox.  You can also subscribe to our RSS feed and receive our posts or headlines in a feed reader or aggregator.  Finally you can get a blidget (blog + widget) which is a widget you can place inside your own blog or website.  Which ever option you choose, please subscribe.  And most importantly, thanks for reading this blog.

Finally don't forget to vote on our current poll concerning whether the changes to §504 will cause litigants to turn to §504 rather than IDEA.  Make your voice heard.

The poll and permanent links to all of the groups and bells and whistles as well as the subscription links and mant other resources can be found on the lefthand side of the blog.

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