New Poll - Will the Changes to §504 Make Parents Turn Away From IDEA?

Opinion poll 2005-09-08Image via Wikipedia

Big news, we have a new poll!

For those of you who regularly read this blog, you know that we occasionally ask you to venture over to the lefthand side of the blog and weigh in on a pending issue in special education law. First a cautionary note, these polls are not "scientific" in nature. They are a toll by which we gauge the feelings of readers, but all polls of this nature lack the random sample which social scientists say make any poll reliable. Moreover, we here at this blog are not experts on wording bias; in fact, we cannot resist the act of placing our tongues in our cheeks. So please do not quote the results of our polls as though they are scientific fact.

Despite all the disclaimers above, these polls can be fun. So we run them occasionally.

The current topic is will the changes to §504 make parents turn away from IDEA. We have been running a series on the changes to §504 and what they mean for the education of kids with disabilities. There are a few more posts coming about some reactions to the series. You may vote now or later, but please exercise the franchise! Be heard. Voting is open until December 19th.