Happy Labor Day

Labor Day Parade, Union Square, New York, 1882...Image via Wikipedia

Labor day. It seems fitting that we have a holiday for people who work for a living.

Many people have jobs in the field of special education. Today we honor you. A participant at one of my sessions at the Arizona Conference last week made a great point. Nobody goes into special education for the money.

Sometimes we forget this point. I often deal with issues involving dispute resolution. The parents and the school personnel disagree. Many times emotion is involved. People get upset when they think that their kid's education is not going well.

But in the heat of battle, we forget that people do not go into special education to make money, or for the glamor. People go into special ed because they care about children with disabilities. There are easier and better ways to seek fame and fortune.

So please raise your glasses to all those who work in special education- Happy Labor Day!
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