Tip of the Hat to CADRE - Part I

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I had reason today to take a long look at the excellent work of CADRE.

If you are involved in dispute resolution in special education at all, you are likely already aware of CADRE, the OSEP funded technical assistance organization that specializes in dispute resolution. I have met many of you at the incredible CADRE conferences. If you want to learn about special ed mediation, IEP facilitation, and network with others involved in these disciplines, you need to attend one of the CADRE national symposia.

If you are interested in special education law, especially the dispute resolution end of the spectrum, you need to visit the CADRE website. There is a permanent link on the lefthand side of the blog, but you can also use this link. Mediators will find the mother load of resources there. IEP facilitators will find all materials from one of the big national conferences on the topic. Check out this valuable resource.

More on CADRE in the next post in this series.
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