Big Interview Next Week: I'm Really Excited

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OK, I'm officially excited. I get to interview Dr. Alexa Posny, the Assistant Secretary of Education for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, for this blog next week. This is a big deal! And you made it possible by reading and subscribing to the special education law blog. Thanks guys.

Although I probably have more questions than I can use in the allotted time, I still welcome your ideas and thoughts about the interview. One cannot be too prepared can one? Please keep sending me your input and suggestions.

For some more background on the new Assistant Secretary who was formerly the Kansas Education Commissioner, I have included a couple new links. Here is the official biography of Alexa Posny. Here is a newspaper piece on the new Secretary by the Topeka Capital Journal.

My plan is to run the interview over a number of posts in the blog. It may take a while to get the posts together and published, but they will be here. So stay tuned for more.

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