Poll Results In; We're Back in First Place

As a part of the fun component of the special education law blog, we run a poll on the lefthand side of the blog. These are not scientific endeavors, and we do not pretend that the results resemble science in any way. Nonetheless, we think that they are fun. The most recent poll just ended. The question was: Given the recession, should cost/money be a defense in special education cases? Here are the results:

43 (62%) No, money is no excuse
17 (25%) Yes, school districts don't have money
7 (10%) Maybe, tough question

Keypad PollingImage via Wikipedia

2 ( 3%) I'm too poor to answer
0 ( 0%) No opinion

Thanks for voting. Pretty lopsided results. Case closed. (That's a joke, as readers of this blog know, no case is ever closed in special education law!)

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