Breaking News: I Get to Interview the Assistant Secretary of Education Dr. Alexa Posny

I am very pleased and honored to announce that I have been selected to interview the Assistant Secretary of Education for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Dr. Alexa Posny. My interview with the new OSERS Secretary in a couple weeks was made possible because of your support. The credibility of this blog is greatly enhanced by our large number of subscribers and the activity and participation by the members of the related special ed law groups on Facebook and the other social networking sites that we have created and nurtured. So thanks for supporting the blog. Please keep reading.

I already have more questions than time for the interview will permit, but I need your help. I'd like to include some questions from readers. So what would you ask the Secretary?

This interview is a big honor and a fantastic opportunity for me and for us. Thanks again for helping to make it possible.

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