Cure for Autism?

I was listening to the radio while driving through Washington, DC today. One of the stations was having a series of listener support drives. One speaker was named Gary Null. He was offering a number of items as premiums in exchange for pledges from listeners. If it was not public radio, it sure sounded like it.

He talked a lot about immune system boosters and free radicals. One of the listener premiums available to listeners who pledged a contribution was a Berry/Fruit concoction that was supposedly good for one's immune system. He also referred to the staff of the FDA as "skunks", and argued that the FDA was under the control of the pharmaceutical industry. He urged listeners to vote against all congressional incumbents.

But what caught my attention was his remarks concerning autism. He claimed to have a protocol that he could recommend that would cure autism. He gave some examples of kids he has worked with who now have no symptoms associated with autism related disorders.

The connection with our topic here is a bit thin, I'll admit it. But there are a lot of decisions in special education cases in the last few years concerning methodology, especially in cases involving autism. Even though the law is pretty clear that school districts can upursue various methodologies so long as they provide FAPE to the student. So most of these cases don't go very far, but I'm thinking that if this Mr. Null claims to have a cure, we will likely see a bunch of cases involving his system.

What do you think? Is there a cure for autism? If so, will or should that affect the legal obligations of school districts? I predict some arguments on these points.
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