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The poll we are conducting is tied. The question is if you were on the U. S. Supreme Court how would you vote on the pending special education case. Right now it is dead even at 10 for the parents to 10 for the school district with two of our pretend justices recusing themselves like Justice Kennedy did in the last case with a similar issue. This is not a scientific poll; this is a fun exercise only. Nonetheless, we encourage you to make your voice heard.

Semi-Breaking News: The Obama Administration, through the Solicitor General, has filed a brief supporting the parents in the special ed case pending before the U S Supreme Court, Forrest Grove School District v. TA. You can view the federal government's brief
here. This is important for a number of reasons. first, it could persuade one or more justices. Also, it signals that Congress will likely seek to change the result through the reauthorization process if the high court rules for the district.

Our other blog-related activities continue to be successful. The Facebook special ed law group now has 252 members. You can join
here. There are some great resources there as well as here.

The Ning special ed law group now boasts a dozen members and some interesting discussion boards. Check it out

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Many of you enjoyed listening to my voice on the recent voice recognition post. Again, I'm a work in progress.

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