Crisis Averted - I Hope

FeedBurner Flame (© FeedBurner, Inc.)
FeedBurner Flame (© FeedBurner, Inc.) (Photo credit: magbag)

My last post was about difficulties my subscribers had in receiving my two posts before that.  I Understand that most or all of you received all three posts in an email or by delayed RSS delivery.  I assume that this means that Feedburner experienced a temporary problem, and that everything is now ok.

Many of you provided useful suggestions that I will look into going forward.  For now I hope for the best.

If in the future any subscriber doesn't receive a post for a while, please contact me.  I want to fix this if it becomes a problem.  I appreciate our subscribers and I want to make sure that you receive all posts.

By the way, it is really hard to contact The Google.  Try calling them on the phone or even emailing them sometime just for fun.  You'd think that email would be an option.  Yet I digress!
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