Sandy Hook Public School Teachers Are Heroes

A true #hero. News worth sharing... #VictoriaSoto
A true #hero. News worth sharing... #VictoriaSoto (Photo credit: ArtJonak)

Like everybody else. I'm having difficulty understanding the massacre of babies in a Connecticut classroom. How could this have happened?

I saw on the news coverage that more than 40 classroom shootings have happened since Columbine!  Is this acceptable?  Can't we make our schoolhouses safe? Something must be done; enough is enough!

One aspect of the story bears repeating.  The teachers and administrators in that school were clearly heroes.  Some died protecting the students.  Others rushed the children into bathrooms, closets or safe spaces in library stacks to protect them.  These Sandy Hook Elementary School public school teachers and staff must be honored.

The next time that an education "reformer" starts railing against public school teachers as the source of all of our problems, they should take a minute and think about these Sandy Hook Elementary School heroes. We know that nobody goes into teaching for the money.  Many, like these heroes, go into it because they love these kids. It isn't fair to blame public school teachers for all of the problems of our educational system. They are entitled to our respect and admiration.
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