Breaking: OCR Issues Activity Report

Seal of the United States Department of Education
Seal of the United States Department of Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Office for Civil Rights of the U. S. Department of Education issued a report yesterday summarizing its activities and actions over the last four years.  OCR deals primarily with §504 and various other statutes.  Another division of the department of Education, the Office of Special Education Programs, oversees IDEA.  §504 is an anti-discrimination statute that pertains to employment and other arenas besides education.  IDEA is a funding/entitlement statute that pertains only to education.

As we have discussed here in previous posts, both statutes use the term "free and appropriate public education," but to make things interesting the definitions of FAPE are different. Fun at the old ballpark!

You can read the press release pertaining to the OCR report.  You can read the entire 76 page report here.

We will have more on the report in future posts.
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