Live From Seattle U: Great Conference

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Font and interior, Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University. Architect: Steven Holl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post comes to you from the Seattle University Academy for IDEA hos.

The Conference is going very well.  I led off with a three hour presentation on Bullying of  Kids With Disabilities and IDEA.  The participants were very engaged, and I felt that the session went very well.  Bullying remains the hottest topic in special education law.

Other sessions were also very good.  One on Mediation and another on Eligibility and Evaluation were well received.  This afternoon I was on a panel with three other hos challenging the audience to say what they would do in difficult circumstances.  The high quality sessions continue tomorrow.

I have met some old friends, like most of my fellow hos from Pennsylvania, as well as many new friends from around the country.  I enjoy the networking as well as picking the minds of those who do work similar to the work that I do.
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