The CADRE Interviews: Must See TV

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Occasionally being famous is not good, but this is not one of those stories...

I am almost famous yet again.  Seriously though, I was recently honored by CADRE, the OSEP funded national technical assistance center that specializes in dispute resolution in special education.  CADRE's most recent project is "voices from the field." CADRE interviewed ten experts in special education dispute resolution as well as representatives from its four exemplar states and recorded the interviews.  I was lucky enough to be among those interviewed.

You can see the videos of the interviews, including mine, here. There is a wealth of information about this field on the videos. I recommend them highly.  But remember, the CADRE staff are not plastic surgeons; the video of me pretty much looks like me, so take all appropriate cautions when viewing!

Seriously, though, CADRE is a fantastic organization and if you work in the special education dispute resolution field, you should be familiar with the wealth of resources on their website.  There is a permanent link to the CADRE website on the left hand side of the blog.  You can also find it here. Check out these user friendly resources.

Thank you CADRE for another useful tool.
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