CADRE Conference Big Success

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I have returned from the big CADRE National Symposium on Dispute resolution in Special Education in Eugene, Oregon. It was a great conference.

We will have additional posts about the conference.  The keynote speakers made us think.  The sessions were fantastic and it was good to see the usual suspects.  Plus big news from OSEP on the requirement of the resolution session.

It was also great to meet a number of readers of this blog.  Many people who regularly use the blog introduced themselves.  The prize for originality goes to an attendee who asked if I was Jim Gerl, and then introduced herself by saying that she wakes up with me a few times a week.  When I finished stuttering, she said that she reads her email in bed on her laptop first thing every morning.  Because she takes advantage of the free email subscription to this blog, there I am.  There are less stressful ways, but I always enjoy meeting our readers.

More posts on the Symposium to follow.
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