Getting Psyched About the CADRE Symposium

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I am getting very excited about the CADRE Symposium coming next week in Eugene Oregon. If you will be nearby, please find me and say hello.

CADRE is the organization that provides technical assistance to states and others concerning dispute resolution in special education.  It is run by some great people and their conferences are without equal.There is a permanent link to the very useful CADRE website on the lefthand side of this blog.  Here is another link to their website.  I encourage you to go there often.

At the conference, I expect to have some good talks with a number of old friends as well as making a bunch of new ones.  It is a great place to learn about mediation, complaint investigation, IEP facilitation and due process hearings. Their focus is upon encouraging the resolution of disputes further downstream before they become major litigation-type headaches, but they provide great information on all options. The speakers, which includes me,  yes Eugene is on the "tour,"  are top notch.  the networking opportunities are excellent.  And as I have implied, all of the usual suspects will be there.

Next week on the blog, in honor of the CADRE Symposium, we will begin a new series on procedural safeguards under IDEA.  This will, of course, include information on dispute resolution as well as the other safeguards provided by the special education laws.  So stay tuned.
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