Facebook Goes Corporate on Our Special Education Law Group!

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One of the great features of this blog has been the externality that because of the blog, I have been forced into the modern world of social networking.  On the lefthand side of the blog are a number of ways that we try to share information and resources through the "new" technologies.  Many people take advantage of the free subscriptions and get our posts by email or in a reader {or as a blidget (=blog + widget) in their own blog or website.} 

You can also get a mobile phone-friendly version of the posts.  You can read the headlines when there are new posts through Twitter. You can also join one of the spin-off special education law groups that we have created.  The LinkedIn group now has 950 members.  Many people read our posts via LinkedIn or Facebook.

Many interesting, and sometimes very vigorous, discussions took place on the wall of the Facebook special education law group.Unfortunately, Facebook in its extremely corporate wisdom has determined that even though our group has 900+ members, the group would be "archived" because we did not have constant discussions over trivial matters.  It is difficult to believe that a group with over 900 members, a group that provides a forum for parents and school officials, and all other special education stakeholders, can share resources and debate information was not "active" enough for the Facebook overlords. I guess that sharing of information is not a moneymaker! 

I thought that Facebook was a social network, a power to the people, grass roots, in your face, rock & roll, stick it to the man, underground, mellow kind of place.  I guess I was wrong; it is all about money!
If you were one of the members of the special education law group, the "archiving" of the group means that you need to rejoin.  Please do so.  I'd hate to lose good members to Facebook's administrative efficiency campaign.  If you were not a member, I understand that new members may still join the group.  Please email me or make a comment on the blog if you have any difficulties.  We will continue to share information about special education through the new technologies with, or without, the help of Facebook!

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