Curse the Canadian Internet Pharmacy

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OK.  I hate the Canadian Internet Pharmacy!

Not like the South Park general anti-Canadian sentiment.  Rather I have a situation where my entire address book has once again been hacked.  Everybody there got sleazy E.D. medication solicitations from this internet pharmacy in Canada.  I'm sorry for the trouble; the email was not from me.  Still I apologize to all who received this garbage. I'm sorry.

The Internet Pharmacy of Canada has got me seriously ticked off.  They have to be stopped.  A polite society cannot tolerate such nonsense.  At first, I thought maybe an old fashioned pitchforks and torches town meeting was called for.  Another thought involved a not so polite invitation for them to take their talents to South Beach.  

But upon further review, the decision on the field was reversed.  Instead the only way they are going to learn to leave my address book alone is a boycott. These repulsive hacks must learn that you cannot profit from hacking my address book and peddling their products to the stakeholders who love special education law.  Buy nothing from the Canadian internet pharmacy!  Viva Le Boycott!

What do you think?  Who is with me?
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