Wyoming Conference Was Outstanding

Welcome to Wyoming!Image by © jdm_photo via Flickr

Well the first leg of my summer tour has begun, I participated in the Wyoming Special Education Leadership Symposium. It was a great conference,

On the first day of the conference, the inspirational Mike May gave the keynote address. Later in the morning, I participated on a panel with six other lawyers concerning the current trends in least restrictive environment cases. The panel made a number of excellent observations.

After lunch, I co-presented with the very well respected Julie Weatherly on the topic of meaningful educational benefit. We tried something new. I first read some hypothetical fact situations, Then Julie presented some key caselaw. I then led some discussion on applying the law to our hypos. The session was packed and it went very well.

Then for the last session, participants could choose among six breakout sessions. My session was on dispute resolution. The participants were very interested and participated a lot, which I always like.