Supreme Court Declines to Review NCLB Decision

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The United States Supreme Court has declined to review the challenge to No Child Left Behind brought by several school districts and teachers unions. Technically, the court denied certiorari in the case of School District of Pontiac, Michigan v. Duncan, et al.

Previously, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit non-decision tied, 8 to 8, which let stand a U. S. District Court decision dismissing the case. The lawsuit challenged the law as an unfunded mandate. Here is Mark Walsh's blog entry on the case.

For now, at least, No Child Left Behind is safe. Look for the name to change soon though, as the "NCLB" brand has lost favor. It is unfortunate that important public policy decisions are reduced to advertising and marketing analysis, but hey, this is the twenty-first century, baby!

I have an idea, let's have a contest for the rebranding (ie, renaming) of NCLB. How about "every good boy does fine" (remember music class anybody?). How about "45% left behind"? Or perhaps, "God Bless the Child"? Maybe "the children are our future"? Surely, you can top these weak entries! Leave your ideas in a comment.