Alexa Posny Interview Index of Posts

The series of posts of the substance of my interview with Alexa Posny, the new Assistant Secretary of Education for Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services has just ended. I was thrilled that Dr. Posny gave me the interview. She spent nearly an hour answering my questions. She didn't duck the tough ones, and I gave her plenty of thorny topics. She clearly has a vision and she clearly cares about kids with disabilities. I was very impressed with Dr Posny.

One reader had an excellent suggestion - that I create a list of the posts of the substantive interview with Dr Posny, with the topics and dates of the posts. I have placed a link to each post in the part number on the list. I hope that this index should serve as a valuable reference. Here goes:

POST _TOPIC______________________ DATE
PartI Qualities for the new OSEP Director December 14, 2009

Part II The mission and role of OSERS December 16, 2009

Part III Reauthorization of IDEA December 29, 2009

Part IV Seclusion & Restraints December 30, 2009

Part V The Rowley standard; parent's right to participate January 6, 2010

Part VI Early childhood education & poverty January 7, 2010

Part VII Standards by category of disability January 13, 2010

Part VIII Assessment by instructional or grade level January 14, 2010

Part IX Standardized tests; data requirements January 20, 2010

Part X Revocation of Consent; communication January 21, 2010

Part XI The resolution session and arbitration January 26, 2010

A big thank you to Dr. Alexa Posny and her staff. I believe that the interview provided a lot of information for our many and varied readers.