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The number of subscribers to this blog is rapidly growing. The subscription is absolutely free and you can subscribe by email or through an RSS feed in a reader, or if you have your own blog or website, you can grab a widget (or "blidget.") Just click on the corresponding area on the left hand side of the blog. Thank you to all of our subscribers; the number of subscribers helps with credibility in the blogosphere. We have a very diverse group of special ed stakeholders reading this blog. I have heard from parents, teachers, related service providers, school district administrators, lawyers for both sides, state DOE staff, law professors, special ed professors, advocates, group representatives, and adults with disabilities who have been through the IEP process. Thanks everybody, please keep reading and please continue to spread the word.

The special education law blog poll has just ended. Remember these are not intended to be read as scientific or anything approaching scientific; but they are fun, and they do show what our readers are thinking. The current question was what is the most important trait for a special education hearing officer. The winner was Knowledge of the Law with 20 votes, upsetting the long time leader Fairness, which came in second, just one vote behind. Next was Training with 13 votes, closely followed by Common Sense with 12 tallies. The bottom three spots were held by Conscience with 8 votes; Experience 7 votes and Firmness with 6 votes. Frankly, I think that firmness should demand a recount, but that's just my opinion.

The next poll will deal with the upcoming supreme court case dealing with whether a student must receive special ed in a public school before his parents may claim reimbursement of a unilateral placement.

Our new Facebook special education law group continues to be popular. On February 19th I did a post celebrating the groups 100th member. As of this morning, just nine days later, the group now has 142 members. Please check out the group and join the fun at this link.

For those who use Ning, please checkout the brand new Ning special education law group. You can check it out through this link. My tech savvy friends are going to have to help me figure out how or why to use this group.

Concerning the twitter link to this blog, you can see my mini-posts or tweets on the twitter feed on the left hand side of the blog. I'll explain the test anxiety tweet in an upcoming post. I mad that tweet with my cellphone. This new technology is just amazing! Also, for twitter users, please take a look at the new twitter special education law group via this link.