Trainings of Dispute Resolution Professionals

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I love my job.  Because of it, I frequently get to speak at conferences and do trainings.  Special education law is a great field because it is constantly changing. As we have said here before special ed law is a lot closer to metaphysics than it is to contract law.  

I really enjoyed a training that I did last week.  It was for a state education agency and their administrative law judges,mediators and complaint investigators. I'm doing another ALJ training next week.  (In some states, we are called hearing officers.  In others we are called ALJs.) Although I am referred to as the "trainer," I always learn something from the participants.  The participants often are active during the session- asking questions and offering solutions that work for them.  Last week was no exception.

When I work with my fellow hearing officers, I am always impressed by the quality of their work and their dedication to their craft.    It is rewarding.

There have been many suggestions that the special education due process hearing system be gutted, or substantially changed.  What do you think?
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