Tech Update: Facebook Special Education Law Group Now Has 885 Members

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One of the offspring of this blog is the Facebook special education law group.  We created the group to provide an additional forum for open and robust discussion of special education law issues. The group certainly has some robust discussions.  It is one of the ways that we try to get resources to all of the stakeholders in special education.  

Many folks take advantage of the free subscriptions to this blog available on the lefthand side of the blog.  You can subscribe by email, or to our RSS feed in an aggregator or feed reader, or if you have your own blog or website, you can get a blidget (or blog + widget) that contains our posts or headlines right there on your blog or website. Please take one of the free subscriptions.  Numbers rule in the blogosphere, and our robust numbers help our credibility.  Thanks and please keep reading.

You can also follow us and get the posts on Facebook.  Many folks who do that have also joined the Facebook special education law group.  Check it out.  The group now has 885 members.  I have extended an open invitation for friend status to all group members so that they can get our posts through Facebook.

Other folks follow the blog by signing up for our twitter feed.  You can also get our "tweets" by following the link on the lefthand side of the blog. 

Other readers have joined our LinkedIn special education law group.   All of these options are available because our goal is to share this information with as many people as possible.  Are we still having fun?  Yes we are.
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